Commercial Concrete Services

Always Paving, Inc. specializes in commercial concrete services, and we take pride in our ability to execute detailed concrete paving work for highways, airports, parking lots and residential streets. We are fully insured, licensed and bonded.

Our crews use the latest equipment and work efficiently to complete projects to your specifications. Backed by years of experience, we can handle everything from concrete demolition and removal to new construction of roads, curbing and sidewalks.

Our dependable professionals perform all of our concrete work. We do not use subcontractors, so we control every aspect of the job, from the first planning to the finishing touches.

Roads and Driveways

Our team paves roads and driveways with your choice of concrete or asphalt. We lay concrete on a proper foundation so these driving surfaces require minimal or no maintenance.


Cement curbing requires special skills and knowledge. We ensure that the subgrade provides uniform support, and we use quality forms that are properly aligned. We place joints for crack control, and we finish and texture.


Our concrete sidewalks are made to last due to our attention to detail during the design and construction stages. Subgrade, sub-base, joints and concrete are professionally applied to produce sidewalks that deliver safety, comfort, appearance and cost-efficient performance.


Always Paving, Inc. installs concrete paving for highways, airports, parking lots and residential streets. We also construct cement curbs and sidewalks.


When your property needs maintenance, patching or more complex fixes, our experience provides the best solutions for your concrete repair projects. We offer various forms of repair, including full-depth and partial-depth repairs, joint and crack filling and sealing, sealcoating, retrofitting concrete shoulders and drains, diamond grinding, dowel-bar retrofitting, slab undersealing, cross-stitching and grooving.


If your concrete cannot be repaired, we can replace it. Our team can handle the project from identifying and removing utility lines to finishing and striping.

Whether you need installation, repairs or replacement of roads, curbs or sidewalks, we are the professionals for the job. For dependable and affordable commercial concrete services, contact Always Paving, Inc., and set up an appointment today.